September Week 4

During this week we had the opportunity to learn about the different parts of a house. Our Big Bears were really interactive during several creative activities. They were ale to act as little chefs they baked a pizza! All the activities made our classroom a wonderful “home”.

Next week we will learn about the school items we have in our classroom.

We are very happy to let you know that on Friday September 26, the Mime will visit us. He will review the different feelings that can be expressed without words. Big Bears have been very attentive in the learning the following poem, try it at home!

“Give Me Five”

Eyes are watching

Ears are listening

Mouth is quiet

Hands are to myself

And heart is caring

Please remember send your child with a sweater (labeled with his/her name and/or las name, too). Sometimes they might feel cold during the day.

Have a great weekend,

Thank you!!

Ms. Caya & Miss MarĂ­a Elena

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