“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.” E. E. Cummings

GROUP: Big Bears

TEACHERS:  Ms. Caya & Ms. Martha

DATE: September 2013

TOPIC OF THE MONTH: All About Me & My School

MAIN THEMES: Me, My Family, My Body, People & Things in my School.


  • Vocabulary: toys, chair, table, book, teacher, lunchbox, happy, sad, angry, surprised, grumpy, sick, sleepy, head, nose, hands, eyes, mouth, ears, teeth, tongue, shoulders, feet, legs, toes.


  • Language Patterns: I am … (name), Good Morning, Good bye, May I …, See you tomorrow.


  • Books: My schoolbag; Little Monster at School; Its School Time, Baby kings and His Family, I like What I Am.


  • Concepts: Boy – Girl / Up – Down  /  Big – Small.


  • Action verbs: come, go, eat, play


  • Color: review all, emphasis in red


  • Math skills: Comparing objects or shapes and discriminate which one is different. Review rote counting 1 to 5. Identify the quantity with the number (1 & 2).


  • Science Discoveries: Explore with sand and water.



  • Fine motor skills: grab and tear paper, make paper balls and use cloth pins to put objects in containers


  • Physical Development Objectives: Knowledge and practice of the following skills: corporal image, balance, rhythm, walk, crawl, run, gallop, transport objects, throw, catch and bounce. Learn about sharing, listening, taking turns and following instructions and games rules.



  • Fine arts skills: modeling with play-doh, folding paper, coloring with crayons, and using paintbrushes.


  • Music: Good Morning to You!; Look Who Came to School Today; What Is Your Name?; Colors; Feelings; This is the Way…; Body Parts Song; You Are Special, ABC, and number song: Lets Go to the Moon.



  • Value of the month: Self-esteem & Responsibility



     .   Daniela Valdes       Sept.12

     .   Diego Llaguno        Sept. 17




OPEN HOUSE Tuesday, September 3, 2013 @ 7:30pm

Please label all lunchbox items (cups, spoons, forks, containers, and lids). Try to send containers with easy access, correct lids, and make sure they are covered properly before packing them in their lunchboxes.  If they bring a sweater, we would appreciate if it could be labeled too.

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