Seasons and Falling Leaves

This week we had many interesting science activities to reinforce different concepts.  Our students were able to feel hot air, holding out their hand, while the teachers moved a blow-dryer gently towards their hand.  Immediately after this, they felt air, coming out of a fan. We also worked with water, and they saw and felt the difference between cold water (touching ice cubes) and normal water, from a plastic container.



The children really enjoyed feeling the sand, since they were able to discover “hidden treasures” inside the sand container and sifted the sand in order to reach for the object (treasure).




When we reviewed the four seasons, the kids were able to touch and see different types of clothing and decide which one they were going to wear depending on the weather of each season.


When talking the Fall, they were familiar with the leaves and they enjoyed going outside to our backyard looking for leaves on the trees and on the ground. They were able to see different colors of leaves that were brought in by the teachers.



Finally, all Tigers were very interested in sorting objects by their shape, size and color, as well.

As you can see, we had a very interactive week!



Next week we will be focusing particularly on Halloween concepts, and learning new vocabulary such as  cat, witch, ghost and goblin, spider, haunted house and costumes.

We are all very excited about this exciting month with Halloween coming up soon! Please encourage your child to prepare a costume to wear and participate in our special “Monster Treats” parade and party that will be held on Thursday, October 31.

We hope you enjoy pictures of your children learning during their stay at Toddler Tree.

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