Sea life!

Tiny Turtles are now learning about water animals! We changed our bulletin board to show sea life and some of the animals that we could find under the sea. Kids are super excited with this theme, this week they learned: fish, shark, whale, and dolphin.

Exploration time was such a great experience for your kids. They we’re pleased and surprised with the different activities we made. For example, free play with inflatable fish, sea animals puzzles duplos, sensory box with kinetic sand and plastic sea animals, sea shell prints with play dough (fine motor skills) and “Go Fish!” with fish magnets and magnet puzzles.

In creativity time with Miss Cristy children finished their jungle project, pasting all of the elements on their poster. They also got to enjoy some free play with sea animal cutters and play dough, making all kinds of sea creatures. Turtles started a sea project made of a white cardboard which they painted blue using spaghetti paint and foam. Kiddos love when they get the chance to make an animal, and this week was no exception. By rubbing orange and brown crayons on white paper over a sandpaper cutout, we revealed the shape and texture of a starfish. Kids found the sandpaper star shape pasted on the table and they placed a white sheet of paper on top and then rubbed crayons on it, so they were super excited discovering the starfish shape!  Our little students know how to put their hands together to resemble a fish, and move their hands from side to side like a “fish”, so they were so happy to make a school of fish. We gave them some sponges cut out like a fish, glue, glitter and wiggly eyes, they made stamps with their “fishy sponges” (moistened with glue) and then spread glitter on top, wiggly eyes were added too. Today was so much fun!  Tiny Turtles made a jellyfish made out of a plastic bag and white pipe cleaners. After that, we popped big bubble wrap and then Miss Cristy finished by making bubbles. The classroom filled with laughs and happy faces. Everybody got a turn to blow bubbles, too. Kids are helping out with the props for our “Seasons of Love” end of the school year program, and today they helped spread glue (using a paintbrush) and glitter to make some pretty tree branches.

This week, besides rehearsing for our “Seasons of Love” program, we also had fun with hoola hoops, jumping in and out, while on physical development class. We wanted to practice balance and what better way than using our balance beams and to up the challenge kids tried to do it without holding the hand of their teacher, placing their arms sideways.

Turtles love to watch videos about the vocabulary words and themes they’re learning, and this week we showed them: “Baby Shark”, “Baby Beluga”, “Dolphins” and a part of the movie “Finding Nemo”. This is great for the little ones because they get to name and identify the sea animals they’re learning at the moment.

We want to share with you the video of “Baby Shark”, kids really enjoy it!

Have a nice weekend!

Miss Judy, Miss Nancy and Miss Karen.

Books we read this week: “Happy Birthday Nemo”, “Sharks”, “Fish School”, “Ten little fish” and “The silly shark”.

Vocabulary words: Introduce water animals: Fish/ Shark/ Whale/ Dolphin/ Under the sea.

Next week´s vocabulary words: Octopus/ Jellyfish/ Crab/ Lobster/ Star fish/ Seahorse/ Mermaid/ Review water animals


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