Sea Life

Tiny turtles are now learning about water animals! We changed our bulletin board to portray sea life and some of the animals that we could find under the sea. Kids are super excited with this theme. This week they learned about fish, shark, whale, and dolphin.

Exploration time was such a great experience for your kids, they we’re happily pleased and surprised with the activities we made. For example, free play with inflatable fish, , sensory box with kinetic sand and plastic sea animals, and sea shell prints with play dough (fine motor skills).

In creativity time with Miss Cristy children got to enjoy some free play with sea animal cutters and play dough, making all kinds of sea creatures. Turtles started a sea project made of a white cardboard which they painted blue using spaghetti and foam. Kiddos love it when they get the chance to make an animal, and this week was no exception. They made a super cute whale using paint, rollers, and then pasted some googly eyes and pipe cleaners to make the whale’s spout.  Our little students know how to put their hands together to resemble a fish, and move their hands from side to side like a “fish”, so they were so happy to make a fish project.

Turtles love to watch videos about the vocabulary words and themes they’re learning, and this week we showed them: “Baby Shark”, “Baby Beluga” and  “Dolphins videos”. This is great for the little ones because they get to name and identify the sea animals they’re learning at the moment.

We want to share with you the video of “Baby Shark”, kids really enjoy it!

Have a nice weekend!

Books we loved this week: “Nemo Fish School”/ “Sharks”/ “Underwater ABC”/ “From Whales to Snails”/ “Dora at the Beach”

Movie of the week: “Finding Nemo”

Video of the week: “Baby Shark” by Music for Children

Vocabulary words: Introduce Water Animals- Fish/ Shark/ Whale/ Dolphin/ Under the Sea

Next week vocabulary words: Octopus – Jellyfish/ Crab – Lobster/ Starfish – Seahorse/ Mermaid/ Sea Animals Review



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