Sea Creatures

We are continuing talking about animals, but now we started talking about animals in the ocean! Our students have loved these animals as well! The Terrific Tigers were fascinated this week learning all about sea creatures. They  can now identify a  fish, a whale, a shark, and a dolphin.

In Creativity the kids really enjoyed painting blue on poster board, simulating the ocean.  This project involved painting blue with foam, blue paint and spaghetti. Students also practiced their fine motor skills using training scissors to cut triangles out of styrofoam in order to make shark teeth and finished making their own shark. They also were happy to make a whale using egg cartons, pipe cleaners and stamped paper.

During circle time, Mr. Mike showed the Tigers many different sea animals. The kids really liked the song “Once I Caught a Fish Alive.” They enjoyed watching several videos of dolphins.

In Physical Development, the kids had fun dancing, swimming and bobbing like many of the sea creatures. They really liked dancing to “The Baby Shark” song. They also had a lot of fun dancing and stretching to “Baby Beluga.” We are also getting ready for our Festival coming up on June 10th.

Stories we read this week are: Under the Sea, Flip, Flap Ocean, Sea Creatures, The Very Silly Shark, Backyardigan´s Deep Sea Countdown, My Under the Sea Pop up Book, Mr. McGee Goes to Sea, and The Underwater Alphabet Book.

During Exploration, the kids got to play with inflatable ocean animals, plush sea animal puppets and they loved to “Go Fishing” using wooden sticks with magnets. Fish were placed on the floor with magnets and they had to trap the fish using these magnets on the wooden sticks. They had lots of fun!

Our leaders for this week were Federico, Eva, David, Victor and Gabriel.

Next week we will continue talking about other sea animals! We hope you enjoy your weekend!


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