Sea Animals

This week was fun! The kids had a chance to learn about animals that live under the sea. They know vocabulary such as: octopus, shark, crab, whale, dolphin, fish, jellyfish, sea horse, star fish, crab, lobster, mermaid, treasure chest and coral. During art we made a fish  and they liked this activity very much! We also played with toys of sea animal creatures and it was interesting to see how much they remembered the names of these creatures! As a group, we made a big puzzle on the floor with sea creature pictures. They were really excited about participating!

We had Angela as our Super Kid on Wednesday, and she was very happy to share cupcakes with her friends. Her mommy and grandmother brought them to them to school for her special celebration.

Our End of the Year Program, “Jamming with Greg & Steve” was  huge success! The kids had been practicing for several weeks, and they were ready to show off their movements! It’s nice to see how they will react to all the people watching them on the day of the festival. Everything turned out really well but the most important thing is that our students had a really good time and felt special  dancing for you.

Next week we will have our pet week. If you wish to bring your pet to school, please feel free to do so! Emiliano’s mom will bring “Cuca” his dog! We are excited about seeing her on Monday.

Have a very nice weekend!


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