School Stuff

Big Bears had fun learning all about school. They are also adapting to new rules and instructions such as how and where to line up, walk and sit down. They are learning the consistency of a routine.

I would like to invite you to read a short story to your child at least four times a week. As you know, this activity will help her/him to develop language skills, both verbal and non verbal. I encourage you to have a conversation about the story afterwards. Your child will enjoy it!

During Creativity Big Bears had fun making a chalkboard and using a chalk to print their initial. They also were very excited doing a school bus by using different techniques.

Next Friday September 30th our friend the Mime will visit Toddler Tree. We are looking forwrd to seeing his performance.

Here is a short poem for such wonderful parents!

“An Apple for the Parent”

An Apple for the teacher…

It´s really nothing new.

Except when you remember

Parents are teachers, too!

Have a nice weekend!

Ms. Caya & Miss Karen

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