Say BOO and Scary on!

Happy Friday everyone! Today it was Gonzalo’s turn to bring his surprise bag, and he had cool stuff to show and share with his friends. A Mickey Mouse & Minion doll, Spiderman sunglasses and a red car. Gonzalo was super cute, excited to share all of his toys with his friends.

Spooky friends showed up at our blue door this week. Tiny Turtles enjoyed learning all about witch, cat, ghost, spider, haunted house and costumes. This is the week prior to our Halloween catwalk so we wanted to teach your little ones some of the basic topics and characters of this celebration.

Exploration time allowed them to relate the topics of the week, we had a lot of fun making a “Witches Brew” a magic potion made with water, food coloring, and some creepy creatures like spiders. And talking about spiders, Turtles loved making their “Spider cookie”. We used Oreo cookies, Nutella, sprinkles for the eyes and 4 pretzel sticks cut in half. Thursday’s topic was “Haunted House” and what better way to learn, experience and play than to make a haunted house for our classroom! Kids loved exploring it using some flashlights. Today your little ones made a “Witch hat” as a food craft, it was made out of cupcake liners, sugar cones, chocolate frosting and Halloween sprinkles. They had a blast decorating it, and spreading the frosting on the sugar cone.

Today’s topic was costumes, and Mr. Mike and Miss Mely showed how we can easily put a costume together and that it’s fun. Kids were super attentive watching how Miss Mely dressed up as a witch, and how Mr. Mike wore a red nose, hat, funny teeth and some funky eyeglasses. Circle time teaches the topic of the day in a fun, interesting and exciting way every time.  This is without a doubt your kids favorite class.

In the Creativity department, we had a very busy week. Turtles made 3 projects this week: witch, spider and pumpkin.  The “witch” was made out of green and purple craft paper, which the kids painted using their fingertips and some paint sponges. While they pasted the witch’s hair (orange craft paper), eyes and nose you could see a big smile on their faces while they identified the witch once they were done.

The “Spider” project was made with paper plates, gray yarn, black clean pipes and black pom poms. Tiny turtles twisted the clean pipes to make the spider’s eight legs and on top of them they pasted the black pom pom to resemble the face. The spider web was made by making little cuts on the edges of the paper plate and placing the yarn in them, winding the paper plate to give the spider web look. This week children also got the chance of making a beautiful pumpkin.

First, they had to pick a pumpkin from the pile in the crate, then using paintbrushes and paint (red, yellow, blue, green and purple) they decorate it, and when they finished we got some glitter and spread it all over their little pumpkin.

Physical development with Miss Mely is always an exciting time for our tiny students. They get the chance to express themselves through music, dance and physical activities. This week we continued with our Halloween songs, and super simple songs videos such as” Go away!” and “Them bones”. Miss Mely introduced some role play activities, and turtles loved them. On Monday we pretended to be witches, flying around the classroom with our magic brooms, all this while we listened to the song “I’m a witch”. Another popular song for our classroom is “The scarecrow” they like to dance and watch Miss Mely bring “Mr. Scarecrow” to the gym so they can dance with him. Ghosts was a topic included in this week’s agenda, and Miss Mely shared with us some ghosts costumes, kiddos were running around all over the place saying: BOO!

We would like to remind you of our Haunted Wonderland catwalk! It will be held at Toddler Tree kinder on Thursday October 29th at 10:00 am. We hope to see our tiny turtles with some cute costumes! If you’re planning on sending some candy to share with your kid’s classmates please send them labeled only with your kid’s name that way it will be easier for him/her to hand them out.

Hope to see you here!

Books we loved this week: “Mrs. Broom”/ “Peek-a-boo Halloween!”/ “Spiders, spiders everywhere!”/ “The Eensy-Weensy spider”/ “Spooky” (touch and feel book).

Video of the week: 2013-2014 Toddler Trees’ Halloween Catwalk

Movie of the week: “The Nightmare before Christmas”.

This week’s vocabulary words were: Cat – witch/ Ghost –Goblin/ Spider/ Haunted house/ Costumes & makeup

Our topics for next week will be: Jack o lantern/Pumpkin/ Trick or treat/ Candy/ Catwalk practice / Halloween party/ Halloween review

Have a nice weekend!

Miss Judy and Miss Karen




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