Santa Claus Is In Town!

This week did put us all in a super Christmas mood! We learned many new words, listened to plenty of Christmas songs and even got to meet Santa! We wrote letters to him and placed them in his sack. We also took pictures with him and everyone was very excited to greet Santa. It was so wonderful!

Kids are preparing for their Christmas performance and practicing their dance moves every day during Physical Development. They also have so much fun listening to Christmas songs and running like reindeer, shaking jingle bells to the rhythms of the songs and wearing white beards like Santa!

Our Creativity Time this week was about Santa, Rudolph and Christmas Lights. The crafts turned out lovely and the kids really liked them! We are also making something to decorate our stage for “The Grand Christmas Rhapsody.”

We read many books about Christmas this week. The kids seemed to like the story about Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer the most.

Next week we will be learning about Gingerbread Cookies, Posadas and Baby Jesus.

Have a lovely weekend!

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