Role play: Doctor, Fire fighter, Chef and Hair dresser

On Wednesday, kids enjoyed the community helper centers a lot! We hosted a visit to the doctor in our classroom with tools such as bandage, stethoscope, tongue depressor, tweezers, blood pressure monitor, etc. The kids had fun with the x-ray machine. Some of the other stations our bees enjoyed were making sushi rolls with banana and Nutella in a restaurant. We were stamping and personalizing letters in the mail center. The Tigers hosted a spa, beauty salon and barber shop, where the kids got their hair combed, some of the girls got their nails painted and got foot massages or facials with cucumbers.
Finally, Mr. Mike hosted the fire station. It was so much fun!!

Kids really enjoyed their art projects, we worked on a rocket ship as well as an airplane using materials such as: Cotton, aluminum, paint, handprints, sponges and playdoh.

During story time they were happy to hear some stories: I Like Stars, The Little Engine That Could, The Wheels On The Bus and Five Little Lady Bugs.

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