Remember September

This last week of September, the Tiny Turtles focused on reviewing all the things they learned about this month. We went over family and family members. We reviewed everything “school” and we also went over the house and the rooms in it.

The kids really enjoyed playing in a little house we set up for exploration. The Tiny Turtles also got to exercise their fine motor skills by playing with blocks and pom poms.

Our art project was a lot of fun! We focused on the color yellow, while making our school bus. The kids got to practice gluing during creativity time.

In Physical Development, we used different props to shake and rattle, We also worked on stomping, kicking, and various leg movements. Many of the songs we used to exercise were also based mostly on parts of the body.

During story time we had an entertaining puppet show to go over family members, we reviewed books about going to school, and to go over body parts we used a fun Mickey Mouse doll the kids love.

Finally, on Friday, we had a mime visit Toddler Tree. The show was so much fun! The mime showed the kids many facial expressions and feelings. He also did some magic tricks and made the children laugh really hard. The Tiny Turtles behaved very well. It was wonderful!

We look forward to beginning October now. It is going to be so much fun with all the Halloween excitement!

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