Rainbow of Colors

This week the Tiny Turtles focused on a world of colors. They also learned about hot and cold and wind.

In exploration time, the kids got to play with paint baloons. They are small balloons full o paint that they can squeeze. During Teacher Time, we went over the Barney´s Rainbow of Colors every day.

While in Physical development the kids enjoyed dancing to some Halloween songs as well as Kidz Pop version of “Hot and Cold.” The kids also enjoyed using a large parachute they shook up and down and they felt the wind blow on their faces.

During Creativity, the Tiny Turtles had fun making a Fruit Loop Rainbow.

In Story Time, they really liked listening to the Itsy Bitsy Spider story, as well as listening to fun Halloween Sounds.

We´re looking forward to this coming week where we will be full on Halloween.

Start getting your costumes ready!

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