Putting Out Fires

This week was full of many activities and events. We’ll start by congratulating Ro Montalvo and Pablo Orozco because they celebrated their birthdays.

On Wednesday February 18th, Ro’s mommy brought cupcakes and also played a game of bingo with the kids. On Friday for Pablo’s birthday, his mommy also brought delicious cupcakes and his brother Noel and sister Cordelia joined in the celebration!

Transportation and Community Helpers were are main focus this week. Most importantly, we had a visit from the Firefighters.

The kids really enjoyed the visit as they got to see the fire truck and watched Miss Efo and Miss Mely dress up as firefighters. The most exciting moment was probably when the kids got to spray with the fire hose.

In art, our students had a great time creating a painting with their hand and footprints. They made a firetruck and then 5 little firefighters. They were so excited to get their hands and feet painted!

In Physical Development they also enjoyed acting out the song “Hurry, Hurry, Drive the Firetruck.” We had a little firetruck the kids carried around, turned the corner, climbed a ladder, and sprayed the hose.

Overall, it was ¬†week full of magic and fun! We hope the Tigers have great memories of this wonderful experience. Till next week… Happy Friday, everyone!!!

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