Put On Your… Jacket!

Our Caterpillars started talking about winter clothes. The kiddos learned vocabulary words such as “jacket”, “scarf”, “mittens”, “boots” and “hat”.

During Circle Time, Mr. Mike showed us how to put on each piece of clothing properly. Also, we learned about the importance of wearing clothes to keep warm during winter.

Creativity Time was so much fun! We made different winter clothes such as mittens and caps. We also made a delicious snowman made out of powdered sugar donuts. So yummy!

This week we welcomed some new Crawling Caterpillars to our class! We want to give a warm welcome to Olivia, Emilia, Eugenio, Sofia, Carolina and Paulina. We’re so happy to have them in our class!

Next week we will be learning about forest animals and cold-weather animals.We will also be having Grandmothers visit Toddler Tree!

Hope you have an amazing weekend!

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