Preparing for our Frozen Winter Festival!

We have been talking about Christmas and everything related to this very special season! Vocabulary words that we have been reviewing include gifts, giving, toys, elves, candy cane, stockings, Christmas tree, Christmas ornaments,Santa´s workshop, sleigh, and train.

For each one of these vocabulary words we have been relating them in our classroom. During Creativity Class they were able to wrap some gifts while we explained that this is a season of giving and that Santa brings toys to the boys and girls who behave themselves! Most of them were able to tell us what they would like Santa to bring them: motorcycles, ipads, cars, swings,& dolls were some of the items mentioned…..

When we talked about elves, or Santa´s helpers, our Terrific Tigers got dressed up as elves and they were happy to pretend to be one of them! They enjoyed “helping” Santa prepare all the toys!  We got to see a little part of the wonderful movie:”Frozen” which is a beautiful movie related to this Christmas time!

During Creativity Class they have been busy working on our Christmas gifts for mom and dad, a lovely “Frosty the Snowman”!

Physical Development has been all about practicing and rehearsing for this special presentation we will have on Tuesday.They are excited about presenting for you and have been dancing and dancing!

Stories that have been read to them this week include titles, such as Spot´s First Christmas, Merry Christmas Mom and Dad, Mickey Mouse Santa´s Helper, Santa´s sleigh, My Santa Claus, Little Critter Christmas Book, Ho, Ho, Ho, Wee Mouse,&Christmas Day.

We are looking forward in having our Christmas Festival on Tuesday, December 13th at Candy Gum . (Plaza San Pedro) Our little ones have been practing very much and will be so happy to be able to perform for you!

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