Police Visit

This week was full of excitement for our Big Bears! First they learned about love and friendship, as well as some of our wonderful community helpers; such as police officers.

We had a blast this week because the San Pedro police officers came to kinder. They made a nice presentation, reinforcing that a traffic light has three colors, which mean the following: red-stop, yellow- be careful, and green- go. They also reminded the kids to hold someone’s hand in order to cross the street.

The Big Bears really enjoyed the police officer’s observations and it was great that they even showed all traffic signs in English! Our students also learned that they have to buckle up in the car in order to be safe.

We have been developing their motor skills, both fine and gross, working in Physical Development and coordination. We are still practicing the numbers and developing holding crayons properly as we do prewriting exercises.

We would like to remind you, if you want your kids to get checked, the Eye Doctor will be coming to kinder on Tuesday February 12th and the Ear Doctor will be here on Wednesday the 13th.

We have been practicing the following rhyme called “I Love You ”

Valentines Red
Valentines Blue
Valentines say:
I Love You !

As you know, next Thursday, February 14 we will celebrate “Valentine’s Day”. Children only need a thermos with water, no lunch boxes that day! If you send Valentine’s treats for your child´s classmates, please only label who it´s from. There are 15 Big Bears in the class.

As well, next week we will talk about the dentist among other things. For Friday the 15th, we have a great activity planned for our kiddos, we are asking you if it is possible to send a labeled toothbrush and toothpaste please.

Have a great weekend!

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