Planting in our Garden

Planting, sun, water, seed, soil, flowers and trees were some of the topics we learned about this week. Kids learned how plants get to grow, grow, grow, and we also introduced some of the insects we can find in the outdoors. Next week we are going to continue with the creepy crawlies theme. Yesterday we celebrated Emma’s Super Kid! Although her birthday is in August 5 we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to wish her a very happy birthday! Her grandma and mommy came to be with Emma and they brought some tasty cupcakes to share with everyone.

We love you Emma and hope you had a blast on our little party!

For exploration time we made some “bees”: yellow balloons with black stripes around them and turtles were excited playing with them. Kids pretended to plant, plow and hoe the weeds in their “garden” (green paper mache cut into stripes) with some shovels and hoes. Our spring garden sensory box was also a great way to learn about flowers, leaves, twigs and grass, exploring all of their different textures.

This week in our Creativity department turtles finished their barn and farm animals project, they were pretty excited to take it home and show you all of the farm animals they made. We are starting a bugs and insects project, and kids are having so much fun in the process.

Have a nice weekend!

Miss Judy & Miss Karen

Books we loved this week:”What are you”/ “Good Morning Bluebird”/ “The Flower Princesses”/ “Miss Spider’s Tea Party”.

Movie of the week: “The Bee Movie”

Vocabulary words: Planting- Seed & Soil/ Planting- Sun & Water/ Plants, Flowers & Trees/ Introduce Insects: Worm-Bugs-Dirt-Grass/ Beehive-Bees-Fly-Swatter

Next week vocabulary words: Ladybug- Grasshopper-Cricket/ Caterpillar – Butterfly/ Ants- Anthill/ Children’s Day Party: Creepy Crawlies







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