Pet week!

This week we had a lot to celebrate! We had Maria Emilia’s birthday celebration and also threw the Children’s Day party! Maria Emilia She 2 during the srping break vacation. Her Mommy brought some cupcakes to share with her friends. (Thank you!) Mr. Mike made a super special birthday crown for her, and he carried her to take her on a magic rocket ride!

This week was Pet week and it was so fun! Tiny turtles had a lot of visitors: cats and dogs. They learned about dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, birds, turtles, fish, hamsters and rabbits. We want to thank Cacho’s mom Mrs.Balbina Meyer for bringing her dog “Tisha” to our classroom; the kids were excited and happy to pet her. Also, we want to thank Miss Dany for bringing her dog “Fiona”. We also had “Sparky” (Miss Mely’s dog) visit, as well as “Donato” (Miss Karen’s cat), and “Glen cookie” (Miss Sofy’s dog). You can check out the pictures on Facebok.

During Creativity, the kids got to make a fishbowl using a paper plate, blue paint and goldfish cookies.They really enjoyed using paint and the different textures. They also painted a dog using sponges and brown paint.

In Physical Development, the Tiny Turtles enjoyed playing with balls, throwing them through hoops to songs like, “Who Let The Dogs out” and “Chihuahua.” They also really liked the “Hamster Dance” and “The Goldfish” songs.

They had so much fun with this topic! The kids love animals! They were so excited with the Children’s day party. They loved meeting “Taurus,” the vet’s giant dog, and were surprisingly not afraid of him.

Finally they loved hitting the piñata and also enjoyed having some popsicles to cool off.

Have a nice, long weekend! See you on Tuesday!

Miss Mely, Nadia, Dany, Roby and Mariana



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