Pet week!

This week the children enjoyed learning about different pet animals. The children had the experience to see and touch different pets. They had lots fun chasing dogs, and watching Chacho the bird. During creativity, the children made a turtle, bird, and cat using different materials and techniques. During circle time, the children learned new songs like BINGO, KITTY, and they loved jumping like frogs. In physical development, the children learned to use drum sticks and follow different patterns of rhythm. They also practiced their balance in the beams, and practiced their different abilities in the obstacle course. On Friday, we celebrated Jorge’s birthday! The children sang happy birthday and enjoyed yummy cupcakes.

This weeks vocabulary words are: Pet Week: Dog, puppies, Cat, kittens, Bird, Frog, Fish, Turtle, Rabbit, Hamster

Next week’s vocabulary words are: Introduce Summer: Sun, Sand, Sea, Fun at the Beach, Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Shovel & Pail, Castle, Snorkeling, Swimsuit, Surfing

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