Pet Week 1

This week we began by introducing our four legged friends: dogs and cats.. We also taught the Terrific Tigers about fish, birds, and rabbits.

In circle time they saw a few videos of dogs, cats, and rabbits doing amazing tricks. They especially laughed a lot at the Jesse the dog who can skateboard and ride a motorcycle.

Some of the highlights of art were making a dog puppet out of a paper bag. Then they sang the song “This old man” and had fun “giving their dog a bone.”

Another art favorite was the bird feeder. The kids glued feathers and also stuck bird feed on a cardboard roll. Hopefully, they hung it on a tree and got many birds to visit.

During exploration, we had the fortune of having a turtle over to visit. Sofia brought her pet turtle Timo to school where the children really enjoyed petting and watching Timo swim.

During physical development the kids enjoyed dancing to “Who let the dogs out,” “Chihuahua”, and BINGO. We also brought back the Bunny Hop for Rabbit day.

We are looking forward to next weeks Children’s Day Celebration!

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