Our School!

During this week, we have been talking about our school and everything related to what our students see and do in their daily  routine. Vocabulary words, such as classroom, chalkboard, calendar, table, chair, cubby, teacher, apple, friends, school bus and car seat have been reviewed daily during our school week. It was very easy for them to understand  this topic since they were learning about things that they can actually relate to and see and feel every day.  Using our magic pointer was fun to have the students name different items we would find in our classroom. Activities enjoyed by them to reinforce these concepts include: usings magnets on the chalboard using David´s box, which was made into a school bus with the help of his mom, in order to relate to the vocabulary word “school bus”. He was very proud to show us his school bus with pictures of his familiy on it! Mr. Mike talked about teachers, and the class is able to pronunce both Mrs. Martha´s and my name as well! A red apple was shown to them, and they even had the opportunity to taste a piece of it (if they wanted to). Most of them wanted seconds!! They also practiced their fine motor skills with an apple made of cardboard, since they had to use yarn to wrap it around the apple.

During their Creativity Calss this week our Tigers made a beautiful piece named “Northern Lights” using  colored chalk and cotton. They also worked with real apple halves and used them to make prints over poster board. These were later used as hats for them to take home! Finally, they made their own school bus using yellow and black construction paper.

Books read to them this week include titles such as: Elmo Goes to School, Baby Bop Goes to School, Clifford´s 1st School Day, Take Me to School With You, I am Going to School Today, and My School Bag. It is wonderful to see how much they can remain seated now during Story Time!

Being the leader is now understood by our students and they allow the leader to participate in his/her daily activities without interfering. It is such an exciting moment when they try to guess what is in the mystery bag everyday!

On Friday, we had a special visitor at Todderl Tree: a Mime! We had “prepared” our students previously by showing them the video of the Mime so they knew what to expect. Watching this video, they understood that he is a normal person, just putting some white makeup on his face. The kids were very attentive to what he was doing during his presentation!

Next week we will be reviewing all of September´s topics and beginning to talk about the different shapes. Our students will also get familiarized with our new season right now:  fall.

As you can see, our Terrific Tigers have many wonderful activities  prepared  for them everyday! It is a huge privilege to be able to be part of your child´s daily activities during their morning here with us!


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