Our House and the Rooms in It!

Dear Parents,

This week our Terrific Tigers explored different rooms that we find in a house, as well as talking about the furniture and items you can find in each room. We talked about the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living and dining room. Pictures, books, video clips and posters were shown to them  to reinforce the concepts.  Our students pretended to be chefs, and we made “beef and Nutella taquitos” out of play dough. They also pretended to be sleeping on a bed, rolling off their bed (to their favorite song “Ten in the Bed” from Super Simple Songs) , sitting in a living room and eating at a dining room! They love to pretend!

We took a tour inside “Willie Worm´s” house to look for baby worm, who was lost. We saw all the different rooms found inside a house until they finally found baby worm! Books such as Breakfast Time, My House, I Am Not Going To Get Up Today, Pooh´s Tree House, Be my Friend, Goodnight Dragon, and Violet´s House were read during Story Time.

In Creativity Class they have been working on a craft house project! We colored some rooms with chubby crayons, glue and glitter, and the kitchen was actually painted using a fork! We have also been working on tracing our names with stickers. All great activities that fortify their visual perception and fine motor skills setting the framework for their developing writing skills!

During our Cooperative Play time, the kids enjoyed inserting straws into containers, making towers and patterns with blocks, picking out items and placing them in ice-cube containers, as well as working on puzzles. They are getting really good at working together as a group!

It is always so much fun watching our leader of the day walk into our classroom with his or her special mystery bag and show us what they have in it! They feel really special when it is their turn to show the whole classroom what they brought from home.

Next week we will be talking about shapes and learning to identify and differentiate between them.


Miss. Sofi

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