On Our Way To Grandpa’s Farm…

This week Terrific Tigers started learning about the Farm. Some vocabulary words that we started to talk about were: cow, pig, horse, chicken, sheep, duck, goat, and rooster.

Our kiddos really enjoy listening to the different animal sounds and have been learning to identify them.

During Creativity class, we worked on a cow mask. First, they painted a paper plate and used construction paper to decorate it. We also colored a red barn with some of the animals that are in it. At last but not least, we used bubble wrap and yellow paint to make “corn”.

In Physical Development, we did a really fun activity by covering our eyes and with the help of a bell we tried to find our friends around the gym. This helps develop hearing skills. We are also starting to learn and dance songs about farm animals using a routine of exercises to develop their gross motor skills and their physical health.

As a friendly reminder, please remember to send pre washed painted and non painted eggs for the Easter party.

We hope you have a great weekend!

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