Old McDonald

This was the last week with our Farm animals theme! Tiny turtles made the most of it, enjoying all sorts of activities about the farm and animals that live in it. On Friday we had a very special celebration, Regina’s birthday!

This week during exploration time, our Turtles enjoyed playing with barns as well as plastic & plush animals, making farm puzzles and having lots of fun with their farm animals.

During creativity time, children painted a pig with yarn and brown paint. Also, they colored a rooster with crayons and they made a sheep using corks and white paint. The Turtles were super busy in art class!

Video of the week: Baby Einstein “Baby Macdonald”/ “Peppa pig”/ Dora the explorer” Three little piggies”

Next week’s vocabulary words: Planting- Seed & Soil/ Planting- Sun & Water/ Plants, Flowers & Trees/ Introduce Insects: Worm-Bugs-Dirt-Grass/ Beehive-Bees-Fly-Swatter





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