“Old Macdonald had a farm E I E I O!

This was the last week with our Farm animals theme! Tiny turtles made the most of it, enjoying all sorts of activities about the farm and animals that live in it. On Tuesday we had a very special celebration, Mr. Mike and Miss Cristy’s birthday! Everyone gathered around our patio to sing “Happy Birthday” and enjoy some yummy cupcakes.  All of us, Toddler Tree staff and kids, were super happy to share this special day with them!

This week in exploration, Turtles enjoyed playing with barns and plastic & plush animals, making farm puzzles and having lots of fun with their farm animals bowling game. Kids were super excited reviewing the “pigs” theme, they had an activity called “pigs in the mud” were they made a mixture of instant chocolate pudding and milk. They used a whisk to make their “mud” and they were given a pink marshmallow and a paper plate with some of the mixture so they could pretend they were pigs playing in the mud. Today turtles enjoyed our “Farm sensory box” which had beans, green crepe paper cut in strips, a plastic red barn and plastic farm animals.

During creativity time, children are making their farm project: hand prints and foot prints that represent farm animals. Some of the animals they are making are a cow, duck, hen, chicks, horse, etc, as well as a barn and tractor.

I would like to thank you for coming to our parent-teacher conference, is always a pleasure to talk to all of you about your child’s development.


Books we loved this week:”Peekaboo Animals”/ “Old Macdonald had a farm”/ “Five little ducks”/ “A very funny farm”.

Videos of the week: Baby Einstein “Baby Macdonald”/ “Peppa pig”/ Dora the explorer” Three little piggies”

Vocabulary words: Rooster-Hen-Chicks/ Sheep-Pig/ Ducks-Turkey/ Grandpa’s Farm/ Growing

Next week vocabulary words: Planting- Seed & Soil/ Planting- Sun & Water/ Plants, Flowers & Trees/ Introduce Insects: Worm-Bugs-Dirt-Grass/ Beehive-Bees-Fly-Swatter







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