Old MacDonald Had A Farm!!!

It was a wonderful welcome back week!!!

Busy bees had so much fun learning about the farm including some animals. We worked on vocabulary words such as, barn, fence, pond, hay, tractor, farmer, mud, corn and beans. They have been really interested in learning more and more about these animals.

During Creativity Class, the kids finished a sunflower using materials such as glue, coffee beans, yellow and green paint for the stem. Plates were also needed for the flower. They did a great job!

Physical Education class has been really fun, since they have been dancing to the music of these farm animals: Garndpa´s Farm, Elmo Goes to the Market, etc. They have loved to act like these animals, imitating their movements. We also worked on their balance.

Story Time has been related to this theme as well. Stories read to them: Old MacDonald Had A Farm, At the Farm, The Big Red Barn, The Little Red Hen, The Farm Men and Farmer Grover.

We had Mr. Mike´s Birthday, and everyone had a blast. We sang the happy birthday song, ate cake, broke the Mickey Mouse piñata and gathered some candy.

Next week we will continue to talk about this interesting theme, reviewing more and exciting animals! We hope you have a great weekend!

Miss Roby

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