Old MacDonald

This was the last week with our Farm animals theme! Tiny turtles made the most of it, enjoying all sorts of activities about the farm and animals that live in it. On Tuesday we had special celebration, Camila´s birthday party! Everyone gathered around our patio to sing “Happy Birthday” and enjoyed an incredible Disney puppet show.

This week in exploration, Turtles enjoyed playing with plush animals, putting together farm puzzles and having lots of fun. Kids were super excited reviewing the “pigs” topic. We had an activity called “pigs in the mud” where they made a mixture of instant chocolate pudding to simulate “mud” and they were given a pink marshmallow and a plate with some of the mixture so they could pretend they were pigs playing in the mud.

In creativity time, children are continuing to make their farm project: hand prints im the shape of farm animals, including: cow, duck, horse, etc. Also on Friday we made a St. Patrick’s face using a fork and orange paint for the beard the kids really enjoyedok using paint.


Have a nice weekend!

Miss Mely, Nadia, Dany and Roby



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