October Week 3

Wow!  We had the chance to experiment hot and cold air with a hair dryer, and how water could be hard and soft such as liquid and solid, using ice cubes with blue drops to identify them.

We also were able to identify the four different seasons of the year by making a seasonal chart. The kids expressed various kinds of feelings doing it.

We had leaf hunting and then they colored their own. It is so nice watching how they are so thrilled and help each other during this wonderful adventure of learning.

We reviewed the “Tree” rhyme and started with Halloween activities and songs.

Next week we will emphasize on reviewing diverse Halloween characters, such as friendly cats, witches, ghosts and goblins, spiders, and haunted house.

As well, they will experience a cat walk pretending they are dressed up with a specific costume.

Please continue telling your child about dressing up for the “Monster Treats” parade and party that will be held at Toddler Tree on Thursday October 31st.

Have a great weekend.

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