October Week 2

We hope you enjoyed listening to the Big Bears singing Columbus, Columbus! They were very excited and we are glad they are improving their comprehension and fluency, overall building up their confidence and self-esteem.

Big Bears experienced in Science how hot air can melt an ice cube by using a hair dryer, learning how a solid can become a liquid.

They are more aware of the different seasons and the main colors of Fall. Big Bears practiced a Fall rhyme,

” See the Leaves

falling down

to the ground

without a sound!”

They had a lot of fun with Ms. Cristy during creativity, too. They were able to identify red with hot using warm red finger paint, dipping their finger and drawing different shapes while the blue represented cold using frozen blue paint to paint with. Big Bears were astonished when Ms. Cristy made a campfire! Each one took a turn roasting marshmallows, blowing the fire out and of course eating was the best part!

Big Bears love to go to Gym with Ms. Mely. They have fun doing different activities, games and movements using several instruments or props.

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Caya & Miss MarĂ­a Elena

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