October Week 2

This week was full of interesting and fun activities! Big Bears retold Christopher Columbus story. They were very excited taking their assigned roles,¬†improving comprehension and fluency. As you know they also are still learning the song “Columbus, Columbus” building up their confidence and self-esteem.

We learned about the different types of lines that exist and finished the shapes such as rectangle and an oval.

Big Bears had fun with the “Candy science color change experiment”. They poured warm water on five cups and placed 5 different colored sweet tarts, using a straw to stir and observe how the crystal water turned to a specific color.

Next week we will discover the different seasons and the main colors of each one. We will experience in Science how hot air can melt an ice cube using a hair dryer. Showing them how a solid can become a liquid.

Please send back the red folders!

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