October Newsletter


Theme: My World

Topics: Shapes & Colors, The Fall and Halloween



  • Lines: straight, curved, zigzag
  • Shapes: Triangle, Circle, Square, Oval and Rectangle
  • Seasons: winter, spring, summer, fall, air, fire, water, sand
  • The Fall: trees, leaves, pumpkin, scarecrow
  • Halloween: witch, cat, broom, ghost, bat, spider, candy, costume, skeleton

Language Patterns: Where is … / Here(There) it is / What is…

Trick or Treat / Happy Halloween!

Books: The Shape Book; Colors All Around; Who’s There on Halloween?; Little Critters Halloween Book; Happy Halloween, Biscuit; Scooby Doo´s Mystery Book; What is Halloween?; Mrs. Broom; Trick or Treat; Five Little Monsters; Spiders, Spiders Everywhere.

Concepts: Light/Dark, Hot/Cold, Over/Under

Action Verbs: Crawl, Hide, Run, Chase

Colors: Green, Yellow, Orange, Brown, White and Black

Math Skills: Classify objects by color, sort by shape and match by size.

Rote-counting with manipulatives 1 to 20. Identify and name numbers 1-9.


Science discoveries:

Mixing colors by adding yellow, using paint and water. Exploring leaves: sight, smell, sound. Carving a pumpkin. Discovering light and shadow effects.



Fine Motor Skills: Practice pincer grasp using droppers and liquids.Cut straight lines in different materials. Punch paper with punching sticks. Insert objects into containers. Open and close hands.


Physical Development Objective: Breathing techniques and relaxation, balance, rhythm.

Exercises: run, jump and fall, roll, gallop, transporting objects.

Sportsmanship: listening, taking turns, following instructions & game rules.


Mixing paint to obtain green and orange.

Practice up-down, left-right & circular movements with thick paintbrush.

Drama: Role-play Halloween characters wearing costumes, masks, brooms, wands etc.

Music: Five Little Pumpkins, Little Pumpkin, Do You Know It’s Halloween?, Colors, Triangle, Circle and Square, Rainbow of colors, Itsy Bitsy Spider, I’m a Witch, Witch’s Brew.



Values of the month: Responsibility and order.





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