October is Just Around the Corner!

The kids enjoyed the Mime Time show very much! They learned the different expressions to demonstrate feelings such as happy, sad, angry and surprised.

This week children learned about everything related to school, like school bus, their teachers, classroom, friends, chalkboard, calendar, apple, table, chairs and cubbies. The little ones had a blast with this week’s activities, like the apple made of yarn in exploration time, playing with a magnetic chalkboard during recess, in creativity time they were very enthusiastic about the apple printing project too. In physical development the children pretended to ride a school bus, and taking turns to be the driver of the bus. Such an exciting week!

Vocabulary words: School, school bus, chalkboard, calendar, classroom, table, chair, cubby, teacher, apple, friends, mime, and car seat.

Next week vocabulary words: School box, scissors, paper, glue, staple, stapler, crayon, marker, pencil, ruler, me and my family, shapes, circle, triangle and square.

We are saying bye bye to September, and welcoming October next week. The Halloween month and the start of a new season: Fall.

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