November Week 1

We learned about different types of fruits, vegetables and dairy products. Big Bears now know how they should be incorporated in our nutrition. They had the chance to tell us which one was their favorite and described their shapes and colors.

As a creative activity with Ms. Cristy each Big Bear had the opportunity to make two different projects. One fruits and the other vegetables. They learned which ones grow underground.

Next week they will learn about proteins and grains, too. We will experience using sense of touch so we can feel the shape and texture.

Big Bears will be exposed to the differences between sour, sweet and salty by tasting each one. We will show them exactly what part of the tongue is able to distinguish each taste.

Big Bears will start experiencing and knowing about what Thanksgiving means such as sharing, being grateful and thankful. This week we talked what means “sharing” but not only with food but with other things around us.

They will learn a new rhyme called “Just like That” Please ask them to recite it!

Just like that!
Turkey, Turkey
Big and Fat
I´m going to eat you!!
Just like that!
Viviana was the super kid this Friday. She had a great time!
Please don´t forget to label all of yours child´s sweaters, jackets and items to avoid mix-ups.
Have a  great weekend!
Ms. Caya & Miss María Elena

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