Never Too Young For Social Skills…

The kids are getting better with their self-expression and spontaneous speech. A couple of weeks ago, I asked if any of them wanted to share a comment about anything (some share what books they have at home, while others give a loooong explanation about something they did or saw). The first couple of times only a few participated and even took a couple seconds in thinking about what to say. Now ALL kids raise their hands to participate and they all have something to talk about. I encourage this exercise to teach them what they say is important and also to listen to their friends, since it is just as important. At the same time, this helps in improving language skills.

The kids have also had a turn to act out certain feelings (I show them a flashcard) and the rest of the group has to guess what feeling it is. They like this game! We see how much fun they are having while they practice their self-confidence, non verbal language, imagination, and the need for taking turns. Working in social aspects is very important in building character at this stage in life.

On Tuesday, April 30th we will have our Children’s Day party. The kids do not need to bring a lunch box, since April room mothers will provide the snacks. If you could please send your kids in jeans and a white top and sneakers it would be great! As a reminder, there will be no classes on Wednesday, May 1st.

On another subject, Fernando Pontones, is moving to Mexico City next week. We will miss him so much!

Have a nice weekend,
Miss Lucia and Miss Vero

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