My Winter Clothes

Hello Everyone!

During this week we were excited to welcome a new member to our Busy Bees family, Thomas Elfmont. All together the kids have been enjoying and learning new things!

We have been talking about winter clothes. Vocabulary words such as shoes, boots, coat, jacket, mittens, gloves, cap, hat, sweater, scarf and socks. They all learned the vocabulary fast, since we have been playing during different activities where they have to name the items and dress up a teddy bear with winter clothes. They also had to dress up a mannequin one by one taking turns.

Activities that reinforced these concepts included: Painting a mitten with watercolors, pasting pompoms and stamping a paper scarf.

Most of our students really enjoy story time and remain seated and attentive during the entire story when it is being read to them! Stories this week included: Avalanche, Barney Gear Gets Dressed, Snow, What Will You Wear, Claude? and The Ice Age.

During Cooperative Play our kids worked on color matching. They toook turns inserting tongue depressors into a bottle and did a great job.

Our theme for next week include, winter animals.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Dany & Ms. Roby

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