My Very Own Farm

For the last couple of weeks Toddler Tree students have been working on their very own farm. This has been quite an elaborate project that has taken about 10 class days to complete but it has been very gratifying to see the kids enjoying themselves so much!

We started with a spaghetti painting day. That’s right… the children had a blast painting a blue sky using cooked pasta. It was fun to flop around the paper and to get a nice textured background. Next, we cut a piece of green paper to size that would serve as a base for the barn and all the animals. A different day we rolled out red paint on cardboard and detailed our barn using chalk, black luster and a shiny semi-circle for the silo. We used the paper shredder to make hay for the barn and then the best part began: creating animals using our hands and feet!

With our hands we made a yellow duck, a sheep (black with white wool, added later), a cow, a brown horse and a hen. By dipping our fingers in paint, we added hooves to the horse, spots to the cow and a family of baby chicks for the hen. Using our feet we created a tractor and a cute little pig.

Other days we painted rice and pasta in Ziploc bags, glued and stapled many elements to the background, tickled each other before pasting feathers on the duck, pulled cotton into small balls or pieces, rolled crepe paper into balls using a pincer motion, cut and folded the sun and it’s rays, among other things.

Finally, our project came together with all of these items personally made by each child. Please take some time in reviewing your son or daughters project. Place it somewhere that is reachable. Exhibit it at home if possible (white board or cork). Think of questions to ask… what color is…? Where is the horse, pig, cow…? What sound does this animal make? Be patient in getting answers or come back to these questions later.

We are very proud of all students. They did a great job and learned a lot in the process!


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