My School / Mime Time! – September Week 4


During this week we have been talking about school related vocabulary and activities they do during their stay at school. The songs we sang were about School Bus, Getting Ready for School, My School Box.




As a creative project, children made their own chalkboards and were asked what they wanted painted on their own chalkboard. They took this activity home on Thursday.



They were also very interested in painting with apples! It was curious for them to paint the apples and use them as stamps!!





Terrific Tigers were able to experience “eating” a school bus. Each one, had the opportunity to spread cheese on a cracker and use black olives as tires. All of them were very excited about this delicious project.


We prepared the kids for our Mime visit, showing them a sequence  of pictures of a  real person going through the different phases of face painting and costume until the final result of a clown.



Miss Yayis showed the students how she painted her face with the white color, and the kids even helped her paint her face!



At the end of the activity, she also showed them that you can take away the paint from the face, and “return” to your normal self. The objective of this was to show the kids that clowns are real persons with costumes and face paint.



The kids enjoyed the mime experience. It is good to have them exposed to new situations so they can see, feel and learn to react to different people and circumstances.




This week Diego became a Big Brother and we were really happy to celebrate this moment with him.




October is almost here!! We will be introducing them to fall and Halloween . We can’t wait for the Halloween parade!



We hope you enjoy the pictures of all the activities that went on during this interesting week at Terrific Tigers!

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