More Shapes and Columbus Day!

This week we continued going over shapes and introduced new ones (rectangle and oval) The children identified the oval with an egg and an american football which both have the same shape.




We saw the concept of “straight line” and the kids were familiar with it since they hear this phrase every time we form in a line to move from one room to another. “Please walk in a straight line”.



Finally, we talked about the event of the discovery of America and how Christopher Columbus sailed on three different ships.  We sang a song about this throughout the week.



In Art, the Tigers created a ship with their hand print. We also created a sailboat using simple shapes and a variety of textures.



Next week we will be talking about every day concepts.

The concepts of air, water, changing seasons and falling leaves, will be reviewed.

We will be using science activities to reinforce these concepts. In math, we will be working on sorting and associations.

It’s always nice to share the activities we do with your kids through pictures. We hope you enjoy them!

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