Mime Time

Dear Tiny Turtle Parents

The kids enjoyed the Mime Time show very much! They learned the different expressions to demonstrate feelings such as happy, sad, angry and surprised. Next week we will be covering shapes: triangle, square, circle, rectangle and oval.

In our creative department, we are going to work with the following:

  •  Techniques: Pincer grasp using droppers and liquids, inserting objects, painting, drawing, shaking, stamping, balance and rhythm.
  •  Media: Papers, glue, paint, brush, glitter, tape, roller stamps, paper mache, crayons, markers and paint.
  • Concepts: painting, up and down, left-right.
  • Vocabulary: circle, oval, square, triangle, rectangle, red, green, green, yellow, orange, blue, paper, brush, paint, side to side, rainbow.

Here are some recent pictures of our classroom activities:

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