Members in my Family – September Week 2


This week was all about the family. Kids were asked if they had any brothers, sisters, or baby siblings. We also went over the concepts of mother, father as well as grandparents. Some students shared names of their family members, and during Circle Time they were able to represent a  member of the family.

During our creativity class (Art) we asked each student to identify themselves, as well as their mother and father with a specific color. It was interesting to see how they related themselves with either mom or dad! This project was taken home on Thursday.


Next week we will be talking about things related with “My Home”. We will be learning about different parts of our houses such as living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and dining room.




Kids are doing a great job during lunch! Although we are still working on self-sufficiency, they are getting better at doing things by themselves each day, and teaching them to remain sitting down during lunch time.



We hope you have a great weekend! We would like to remind you that Monday is a holiday.





Here are some of the activities our students did during the week as Terrific Tigers!


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