Me and My Family!

Dear Parents,

This week our main topic was “Me and My Family”. We learned about mom, dad, sister, brother, baby, grandma and grandpa. Here are some fun activities we did during the week: Children had fun role-playing using family puppets; trying to identify the different members of a family. Kids absolutely loved the big plastic playhouse with “little family” toys and dolls. Our Tiny Turtles had a blast using play dough and cookie cutters boy and girl, and stars with different sizes, from big to small to resemble a family. For an outdoor experience we took the kiddos outside for a water play ball toss, with the purpose of stimulating and developing their gross motor skills.

In creativity class we started our “house” project, so far composed of three primary colors: blue, red and green. Turtles used sponges, paint, crayons, markers, stamps, rollers, etc. A color was chosen per day, using all the tools mentioned above. Little ones also liked the “handprints & footprints” activity with the help of their teachers they made the outline of their hands and then closed their hand and made a “footprint” by making a stamp of their closed fist.

Physical development is the time of the day to practice our gross motor skills. This week we practiced marching and making a line, as well as throwing a ball through hula hoops, sitting down in a circle and passing the ball, jumping and rolling.

We would like to remind you that on Wednesday September 16 there will be no classes due to the celebration of Independence Day.

Thank you!


Books we loved this week: “Just like mommy”/ “Arthur’s new baby”/ “My Grandma and I”/ “I love you mommy! /

Movie of the week: Princess and the Frog

This week’s vocabulary words were: Mom & Dad/ Sister, brother and baby/ Grandma and Grandpa/ Family review/ Mexican flag: Red, white and green.

Our topics for next week will be: Introduce house: kitchen/ Bedroom – bathroom/ Living room –dining room/ Review home

Miss Judy

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