May Week 4

Big Bears were so enthusiastic with sea animals that we kept talking about them. But we also saw domestic pets such as a dog, puppy, cat and kitten, bird, frog, turtle, rabbit and hamster. They enjoyed each one!

Big Bears were very happy to be able to see some pets. Romina brought a bird named Chacho and shared it with them. They also saw different kinds of dogs that other classroom were so kind to shared with us. Emile also shared his dog with our class… they loved it!!

Next week we will introduce Summer theme.They will be expose to different activities that are done and things used during this season. We learned a new song for this time of the year!

Summer time

Tune Mary had a little lamb

Summer is the time to play,

time to play,time to play

Summer is the time to play,

Enjoy those sunny days!

Have a nice and safe weekend.

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