May Week 2

Big Bears had fun learning about jungle and zoo animals; how each one has something special! Knowing that even though they all live in the same environment their habitats and characteristics are different.

During creativity with Ms. Cristy they enjoyed making a rainforest collage. They put together many jungle animals using different techniques and materials.

In Mr. MikeĀ“s Circle time, Big Bears were very enthusiastic role playing different situations like wearing masks or pretending being in the jungle imitating different sounds and movements.

Next week we will introduce water animals and all the wonderful species that live under the sea. They will have fun through several activities such as magnet fishing, sea creature exploration and many more.

Big Bears are practicing with great enthusiasm for our upcoming end of the year program: “Seasons of Love” that will be held on Wednesday May 27th at Candy Gum in Plaza San Pedro. All students dress rehearsal starts at 9:00am. Presentation for parents and grandparents will be at 10:30am.

We would like to Thank You for all your kindness and appreciation giving us such lovely gifts for Teacher’s Day!

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