May Newsletter

May: Incredible Animals


Themes:Jungle animals, Zoo animals, Water Animals, Pets

Vocabulary:jungle, monkey, alligator, crocodile, snake, zebra, lion, tiger, elephant, giraffe, hippopotamus, bear, zoo, kangaroo, flamingo, boa constrictor, peacock,whale, dolphin, octopus, shark,crab, starfish, seahorse, cat, dog, bird, frog, goldfish, turtle, rabbit, hamster

Language Patterns:It´s mine/It´s yours; It`s empty/It´s full

Books: Curious George Visits the Zoo, Oliver, Henry the Elephant, One Yellow Lion, Alligators all Around, I´m a Wild Animal, My Jungle, Pop Up, Five Little Monkeys Sitting in a Tree, The Lion King.

Concepts: On, in, under, over, through

Action Verbs: Run, gallop, trot, climb, swim, swing, hide

Colors: Brown, Gray and Black

Math Skills: Identify numbers 1-5. Identify and classify shapes

Science discoveries: Animal sights and sounds

Fine Motor Skills: Reinforce tracing own name and lines. Use scissors to cut different lines and shapes.

Physical Development Objectives: Move like different animals: crawl, hop, gallop, run, etc.
Reinforce balance activities.

Fine Arts Skills: Mother´s Day Program Rehearsal

Music: Can You Name That Sound?, Five Little Monkeys, Just Can´t Wait to be King, The Monkey Dance, The Elephant Moves, Going to the Zoo, Our Animal Friends, Down by the Bay, Circle of life

Value of the Month: Respect for Animals

Super Kids Birthday: Ilianca Alvarez May 7
Jorge Daniel – May 31st

End of the Year Program: May 23 at Candy Gum

Pet Week May 26- 30 (In this week if you have a pet you can bring for a while to the kinder and show it to your friends)

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