May 2013 Newsletter

Theme: Incredible Animals

Topics: Life at the Zoo


Jungle, monkey, alligator, crocodile, snake, zebra, lion, tiger, elephant, giraffe, hippopotamus, panda bear, polar bear, zoo, camel, brown bear, kangaroo, flamingo, boa constrictor, peacock, cat, dog, goldfish, bird , zoo keeper

Language Patterns

It´s mine/It´s yours; It`s empty/It´s full, it’s short/it’s long.


Curious George Visits the Zoo, Oliver, Henry the Elephant, One Yellow Lion, Alligators all Around, I´m a Wild Animal, My Jungle, Pop Up, Five Little Monkeys Sitting in a Tree, The Lion King.


On, in, under, over, through

Action Verbs

Run, gallop, trot, climb, swim, swing, hide


Brown, Gray and Black

Math Skills

Identify numbers 1-12. Understand AB and ABC patterns.

Science discoveries

Animal sights and sounds, magnets

Fine Motor Skills

Reinforce tracing own name and lines. Use scissors to cut different lines and shapes.

Physical Development Objectives

Move like different animals: crawl, hop, gallop, run, etc.

Reinforce balance activities.

Fine Arts Skills

Mother´s Day Program and gift for Mommy


Can You Name That Sound?, Five Little Monkeys, Just Can´t Wait to be King, The Monkey Dance, The Elephant Moves, Going to the Zoo, Our Animal Friends, Down by the Bay.


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