March Week 4

Wow, this week was an exciting adventure for Big Bears! Besides reviewing Easter vocabulary, they painted eggs, filled them with confetti and had an exciting and marvelous Rainbow Easter Party and Parade!! You can imagine how their minds were wondering prior to that special day.

They also learned a Rainbow Rhyme:

Rainbow purple

Rainbow blue

Rainbow green and yellow too!

Rainbow orange, Rainbow red

Rainbow smiling overhead!!

We thank you for coming and participating with your child! As you were able to see they did an excellent job at the parade. We saw happy faces doing different activities, they had so much fun with “Swat the Fly!”

Now they have been talking about the different trips or activities some will be doing during Easter Holidays. We´ll surely miss them!!

As soon as they come back on Monday April 13, we will start focusing on Creepy Crawlies and different pets we have at home.

Have a nice and safe Easter Holiday! If you have time, you can always read to your child! If you want to do something extra, let them trace their name at the beach or any other type of source available at the moment!

Best wishes,

Ms. Caya & Miss María Elena

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