March Week 3

Spring is coming soon!

We started introducing this season with the Big Bears, going over rain, sun, clouds, umbrella and boots. We made important observations, like how clouds change their color with the weather, for example. We also talked about how we dress appropriately for weather changes. We had fun coloring and learning a new rhyme:

“Rainbow Colors”

Rainbow purple, rainbow blue,

Rainbow green and yellow too.

Rainbow orange, rainbow red,

Rainbow smiling overhead.

We were very happy to see how much our plants grew over the long weekend. You can help by changing the plant into a small pot with soil to continue its growth. Your children learned the In Our Garden song, which they can sing to you. Here are some other videos your kiddos may enjoy:

Big Bears made a real flower using different techniques. Some of these projects stay at school so we can share them with you during our conferences that will be held on April 1st. If you haven’t already, please confirm your appointment at your earliest convenience.

As a reminder,we are still collecting eggshells for the Spring Party and Rainbow Parade that will take place on April 9th. We also ask that you help your child decorate a car, bike or whatever vehicle he/she enjoys riding for the Rainbow Parade. We are looking forward to this great event!

Take care and have fun!


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