March Newsletter

Main Theme: Farm, Spring & Bugs
Main Topic: The farm


Farm Vocabulary: farm, farmer, cow, horse, pig, sheep, chicken, hen, rooster, cat, dog, goose, bird, mouse,
Spring Vocabulary: plants, flowers, trees, seeds, butterfly, caterpillar, ants, bee, spiders

Language Patterns: He/She/It is here OR over there

Books: Babe the Sheep Pig; Big Red Barn; Down on the Farm; Old McDonald Had a Farm; Open the Barn Door

Concepts: big/small & mother/baby

Action verbs: walk, gallop, run, jump, fly, crawl,

Colors: Introduce yellow; review red, pink and white.

Math Skills: Reinforce rote counting 1-5 and introduce 6&7, sorting 3 basic shapes.

Science discoveries: Animal sounds

Motor Skills
Fine Motor Skills: Developing strength with materials such as crayons, brushes, sticks, as well as water spray bottles

Physical development: Listen & Move: different animals

Fine Arts
Fine Arts Skills: Focus on pincer grasp movement exercises with open-ended art projects

Music: Our Animal Friends, When Pigs Get Up, Five Little Ducks, Five Little Butterflies, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Grow, The Beehive, The Ants Go Marching

March 5- Emiliano Cantu

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