March Newsetter

The month of March will be full of exciting events and learning activities. We would like to share with you the curriculum for the Spring & Easter theme.

Vocabulary Flower, root, stem, petals, leaf, seed, soil, sun, rain, plant, grow, rainbow, grass, dragonfly, caterpillar, grasshopper, ladybug, bee, worm, butterfly, Easter bunny, Easter egg, basket, bugs, grass, ant, anthill, insects, Earth, planet, save, clean, sprinkle, parade, kite, clouds, reduce, reuse, recycle, beehive, honey, sticky.
Language Patterns I need…. I can…  I can’t.. He/She needs…
Books A Tree is Nice; I am a Seed; The Very Hungry Caterpillar; The Flower Princess, In the Forest, The Colors of the Rainbow; In the Forest; Ten Ladybugs; The Itsy Bitsy Spider, The Big Bunny and The Easter Eggs, Corduroy’s Easter, The Big Bunny and the Magic Show
Concepts Short / Tall, High / Low, Clean/Dirty, Wet/Dry, Left/Right, Loud/Quiet.
Action Verbs Grow, fly, crawl, hop, paint, hide, find, seek
Color Rainbow colors
Math Skills Number recognition 1 to 7. Review circle, triangle and square, introduce rectangle. Patterns.
Science discoveries Develop observation skills through the study of nature.

 Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills Use scissors, tweezers and work on tracing one’s names.
Physical Development Objective Practice and knowledge of the following: running, jumping, rolling and balancing skills in different obstacle courses and circuits. Focus on activities that will teach how to take turns, respect others and how to win and loose.

 Fine arts

Fine Arts Skills Symmetry activities and mixing colors.
Music Five Little Butterflies, Friendly Easter Bunny, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, The Easter Bunny’s Coming, The Rainbow Song


Value of the Month Respect
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